The Importance of Web Design

By | April 11, 2018

When creating a website, especially for business, a lot of people underestimate web design. They’d just go with whatever free template is available from the website builder application. However, this will disadvantage you a lot. Your website won’t be unique, it won’t have its own identity. It’ll be forgettable. Moreover, you’d want to hire a web designer such as when you read about the importance of web design below.

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Increase Traffic

Traffic is the hardest thing to gain when you’ve just built a website. A website that’s been standing for a year can’t even get more than 20 visitors per day, and that’s if they are lucky. Web design will definitely help in increasing traffic, because a beautiful design always attracts people. If your web design is too basic, people will only visit your web once. When it is attractive, they’d want to see it again and again.

Easy Navigation

A great web design will make it easier for visitors to find their way in your website. Free templates usually provide what’s necessary for easy navigation, but it still confuses people. When hiring a web designer, they are experts at knowing how people learn to find their way in a website and utilize this as much as possible. They won’t have to exert extra effort in trying to find what they want inside a website. For example, on a cosmetics line website, a customer could filter what they are looking for and find the best product suited for it.

Enhance Credibility

When your website looks the same as 1000 other websites, visitors will question your credibility. Is this a scam website? Why is there so little effort put into it if this is a credible website? These are the questions that your visitors will be asking. A thorough web design will prove to them that you are credible and that this website is not meant for anything else. Most shady websites do use the same basic template, which is why you should avoid doing so.

Brand Awareness

With your own customized web design, your website has a personality, it has an identity. This will establish the brand that you are trying to make the world see. You can, for example, create a logo and put it everywhere on your website. Free templates will not let you do this. This also will create awareness and credibility to your visitors.

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