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The Best Android PC Emulators

Do you need an Android emulator on PC? Why not? They are getting more popular as Android’s popularity keeps growing. From developers testing programs to gamers playing a massive screen, an Android Emulator enables you to use Android OS on a Windows PC, together with your mouse and keyboard so it’s likely to play and work much faster and better. In this post, we showcase the best Android Emulators for PCs.


BlueStacks is perhaps the most well-known Android emulator among Android users. It is easy to set up, no technical knowledge required, supports multiple accounts, and applicable to the latest Android versions. The emulator is preferred for gaming and is extremely easy to configure. One of the main drawbacks of the BlueStacks emulator is that it becomes lethargic with productivity apps. Also, sponsored ads make the emulator lag behind other best free Android emulators for Windows.


MEmu is a comparatively new app player compared to others. It is vital for key mapping by setting your virtual location on Google Maps and is supported by AMD and NVidia. In terms of speed, this different Android emulator offers effects similar to Nox and BlueStacks. One of the most important elements of the MeMu Android emulator is its support for AMD and Nvidia chips. Although MeMu is recommended for powerful games, its graphics functionality is relatively poor. MEmu is currently designed for Android Lollipop and works best with productivity apps. So, if you’re expecting games like Ingress or even Pokémon Go, this should be your choice.

Nox Player

gaming computerNox Player is designed for Android gamers. It has multiple windows for a single device, made for effortless playing by assigning shortcuts in controllers. Although the emulator works perfectly for other Android apps and to enjoy the general Android experience, it is best for enjoying great games like PUBG or Justice League. The best thing about Nox Emulator is that it is completely free and does not contain any sponsored ads. Also, you can adjust the CPU and RAM usage through the settings option to get the best gaming results. If rooting Android is your goal, Nox Player makes it easy to root your electronic device in less than a minute. The only problem with Nox is the simple fact that it loads the system a lot. Because of this, you can’t use many different apps.

Ko Player

Like other Android game emulators available in the market today, Ko Player (AKA CentOS) focuses on providing a lag-free gaming experience using lightweight software. It is easy to install, appliable for any Android device and has an easy user interface. However, considering that Ko Player is completely free, you will see a few ads here and there. The app player is very easy to install and navigate through the apps. The downside of this Android emulator is that it sometimes crashes in blue. Also, it is difficult for the user to uninstall the Android emulator.…