Main Accessories for Your Quadcopter Drones

Aerial photography or photography was taken by using drones, has continued to grow strongly over the last three years. If you have followed this trend and purchased a camera, you will have a lot of fun with it. All photographers depend on additional accessories, such as the additional battery charger, to make their lives easier and take their photos and video recordings just one more step. You can go to Charger Harbor to learn more about the drone battery charger and its importance. Below are some of the handy drone accessories that I was allowed to use and analyze. These accessories can help you improve your overall drone experience, video quality, flight experience, and safety.

Additional Battery

Drone technology has come a long way in recent decades. The latest DJI Phantom 4 Pro offers a flight time of 30 minutes, according to their website. For the vast majority of non-American drone pilots, this will never be enough. Considering the time required for ascent and landing, 20 minutes are available for shooting so be sure to purchase another battery pack or more for reliable backup at all times. If you own the Phantom 4 Pro, you can also choose to switch to the quick charger instead of the one included in the pack. The Pro P4’s battery will most likely recharge in 40 minutes, compared to 65 minutes with a normal charger.

Additional Battery Charger

droneThe extra battery power creates a fantastic business as long flight time as possible, but they also need to be recharged. If you have two or more batteries, and each battery takes half an hour to recharge, standby time can quickly increase to hours if you use additional batteries when they are idle. Therefore, it is best to buy an additional charger, or even better, choose the multi-battery charger, which allows you to check the batteries at the same time.

Additional Propeller Guards

It would help if you always had extra propellers with you when you want to fly your drone. In case of a total loss, the propellers of the drone are the first parts to break. I have had enough experience with drones and have flown with more than 20 different drones. They are not mandatory, but they are very useful when flying indoors or in a limited space. In the last six months, I have used propeller guards only once or twice, but most people use them every day.

ND Filter

From the light that goes to the camera lens and takes care of the camera’s small shakes, increasing the movement’s blur, the use of an ND filter is a smart choice. ND filters are fundamental. In my opinion, they make the film on Phantom series drones look more cinematic. They are essential as there will be no significant effect on the gimbal of a drone. The last gimbal of the Pro P4 is very light and fragile. I would wait to put a load on the front of the camera lens.