Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites where people talk about trending topics. There has been a study by, a data analytics site, which compiled over 700,000 tweets for one project using Twitter statistics tools. And if you’re a regular Twitter user, you might also be interested in collecting data about your usage, popularity, followers, etc. You’ll find several websites that sift through Twitter reports to provide you with this information. These stats sites usually display a score, create graphs, and explain their “style” of tweeting.


Collecting account information isn’t just important for those in the advertising business. If you’re trying to cultivate your online presence on any topic, it’s imperative to get an idea of what works (and what doesn’t) for you. Here are some websites for Twitter statistics tools that are accessible online:


TweetStats is one of the few analytics sites that doesn’t require users to log in through their Twitter or Facebook accounts, making it perfect for those who are reluctant to connect their social media accounts to third-party apps. It’s also great for when you want to take a look at other people’s stats.

Twitter Counter

It is one of the sites that require you to link your Twitter accounts for your program. However, as with most of the stats sites on this list, I haven’t had any adverse effects from associating Twitter Counter to my accounts. Twitter Counter allows you to see the details of how many people are following you. This site includes graphs with multiple options for periods, an arrow that shows if your follower count is increasing or decreasing, and a prediction of how many followers you are likely to have in X amount of time, depending on your specific stats.

It’s a great site, but the features are pretty straightforward for the amount they charge for the tiered version. But I’m convinced it’s incredibly beneficial for people who work in fields (advertising) where you need to understand the success of a particular Twitter account.


Tweet Grader is brought to you by HubSpot, an excellent website where you can discover a fantastic social networking amount. It’s also part of the suite of tools that I love (and have been using for a long time), especially the website.grader. So the fact that you don’t have to have access to any Twitter accounts to use this service is enticing to see how you compare to the competition. This page not only shows you some essential details about your Twitter account but also what may need improvement.

Tweet Value

It’s a fun little tool that you set up on your Twitter username to determine how much your Twitter account may be worth. TweetValue doesn’t clarify where they get their information from and gives some strange amounts, so I wouldn’t use this data to promote my Twitter username. I don’t think anyone would want to buy a Twitter account with my title as a username to find a dollar.